Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shattering Beats

Do you ever wonder if the saying 'I can feel my heart breaking' is actually true?

Do you feel your heart collapse into a million tiny pieces and turn into some emotionless thing that will never love again until you excruciatingly glue back every little piece.

And even then, people misuse this saying. This saying that values so much pain.

I'm going through heartbreak right now but it's not because of some twisted woman who just couldn't commit to me.

It's because my woman is lying in a hospital bed and I'm not sure if she'll survive or not.

It's obvious that my heart skips to a different rhythm. So that could mean that instead of shattering to a soppy love ballad and torture itself through listening to an Adele album. My heart will bow out, gracefully in a ballet to show how it has been affected.

Talk about hearts being stereos...