Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shattering Beats

Do you ever wonder if the saying 'I can feel my heart breaking' is actually true?

Do you feel your heart collapse into a million tiny pieces and turn into some emotionless thing that will never love again until you excruciatingly glue back every little piece.

And even then, people misuse this saying. This saying that values so much pain.

I'm going through heartbreak right now but it's not because of some twisted woman who just couldn't commit to me.

It's because my woman is lying in a hospital bed and I'm not sure if she'll survive or not.

It's obvious that my heart skips to a different rhythm. So that could mean that instead of shattering to a soppy love ballad and torture itself through listening to an Adele album. My heart will bow out, gracefully in a ballet to show how it has been affected.

Talk about hearts being stereos...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A letter to the author of Skulduggery Pleasant

Dear Mr. Landy,

My name is Matthew Horowitz. I am not a follower of your series of books nor have I had the pleasure of meeting you in person from what I've been told.
But my best friend is.

Her name is Emerald Melody *her blog name so you recognise her*
And as we speak she is now in her second surgery of the day.
She has suffered from a lung disease called PAPS which basically shrinks the lungs and produces anxiety attacks and constricts the lungs. She has been battling with this disease for 4 years and has been comfortably able to live with it.

However last week she collapsed due to a spontaneous pneumothorax, which is basically compressed air caught between the lungs and the chest cavity. She was told to rest, she was told to take a few days to herself which in fairness she did but unfortunately the pain and pressure was not going away.
Which leads us to today, she couldn't catch her breath last night and was in extreme pain this morning. I drove her to the hospital and she collapsed as we stepped out of the car. This led to the doctors discovering a tear in her lung and her first surgery was a success and she was patched up.

Unfortunately two of her arteries in her lungs were just too weakened and they burst which resulted in her coughing up a lot of blood and she is now in her second surgery.

I am not writing this letter to do anything other to highlight to you, that this dedicated Minion as your fans call themselves, has not shown her weakness to her friends on your blog, to her family on the blog because she always believes that there is someone else worse off then her.

And as I write this, I smile because even though she is in hospital she is determined to come and see you in a weeks time at your event on O'Connell Street. Stubborn and determined as always.

She also wanted to give to you some of her novel in progress, Dublin Daes which many minions on your blog have read and become slightly addicted to it.

So as I said, I write this for you to understand that she is not looking for a pity party, she is not looking for anything but to be treated like Emerald. But for me as a stranger to this world looking in, I feel that you should all be aware of what this amazing woman is suffering through and still has the heart to be more concerned about everyone else except her.

It's twenty five past one in the morning and unfortunately I think I'm rambling, so here is where I conclude.

Thank you for your time

Yours sincerely
Matthew Horowitz A.K.A Chase